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Award Season: All of the parties you’ve never been invited to…

February 1, 2013



Winner of the the Toronto Design Offsite Festival’s Viewers’ Choice Award Department of Unusual Certainties, working in cooperation with Thea Jones, have won big. Their installation, All the parties you’ve never been invited to… (ATP…) ,  has won the Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Event at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. ATP…, framed the dance floor, of the […]

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All of the parties you’ve never been invited to…

January 25, 2013



Department of Unusual Certainties & Thea Jones invite you to… ALL OF THE PARTIES YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN INVITED TO BEFORE Department of Unusual Certainties would like to invite you to the Love Design Party January 26th, 10pm at the Gladstone Hotel, where they will be presenting their video installation  All of the parties you have never […]

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New Discourses @ Toronto Design Offsite Festival

January 16, 2013



The third instalment of the New Discourses for a Tired Century debate series is on Monday January 21, 7:30pm @ the Gladstone Hotel. Marcin Kedzior and Thomas Provost (for the resolution) will meet Kristina Ljubanovic and Sabrina Dominguez (against the resolution) in consideration of this month’s resolution: “Be it resolved, we can no longer conceive of the city as a whole.” New […]

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