Public Extr(actions) for Due per Cinque

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Department of Unusual Certainties together with Gil Meslin produced a public space concept for the Due per Cinque competition in Milan, Italy.  The competition asks designers to conceive of a public space and public function that can be inserted into the space of a parking spot.  DoUC proposed the use of a scaffolding tower to multiply the number of actions and events that can take place in any given parking spot, creating a spectacle of private actions displayed in public .  Here is an excerpt from the submission:

Public Extr(action)s
is a project that believes private acts  should be public.  In a world over run with spectacle- normal and banal acts become exotic.  Therefore it is only logical that this exoticism be brought before the eyes of the public for purposes of careful observation and reflection.

Public Extr(action)s
is a project which literally extracts 5 different activities that usually occur behind closed doors and generally contain predictable and uninteresting climaxes.

Public Extr(action)s
is an 18m high fixed scaffolding unit which has a footprint of 2m x 5m and invites the public to engage in these usual and predictable events and transforms them using the unpredictability found within the public sphere.

Further Extr(action)sTubular Dreams
Daily city life is becoming increasingly nomadic. People work and spend much of their day far away from their homes and their beds. Daily city life is also becoming increasingly sleep deprived. Scientists have suggested that an ideal bio-rhythm includes two sleeps per day. Some cultures have incorporated naps into their daily schedule, but this tradition is fast dying. Instead, we get photo essays exposing the sleep-walking underworld of the Tokyo subway system. Public napping is viewed as inappropriate. People sleeping on benches are assumed to be destitute and homeless. Respectable public infrastructure to encourage public napping is sorely lacking.

Presenting the Tubular Dreams project – a system of tubular pods in which people can slip into for quiet repose, whether that be sleep, or simply
relaxation, reading and mediation. Stacking tubes on top of each other allows for maximized privacy and efficiency of space.

Bar Confessional or Bar per Due
It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution. (Oscar Wilde) The act of confession addresses the most basic human need to unburden oneself by speaking freely to a willing listener. Too often, this act is conflated with guilt and penitence, and is bound up in the spaces and rituals of organized religion. Bar per due provides a less formal – and more comfortable – construct of confessional. The bartender will serve a drink, and will listen, without judgment. Only large enough to accommodate host and patron, and with music played to ensure that conversations are not overheard, the bar is a suitably discrete and private setting. Patrons are welcome to simply enjoy a drink, or they can also
choose to engage in the most intimate of acts – confession – in the most public of settings, on the streets of Milan.

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