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On the weekend of October 11th-13th DoUC took part in the Move Transportation charrette (part of the Move Expo) hosted by Evergreen and the Institute without Boundaries. The Charrette focused on ten different themes all revolving around a core theme of transportation. DoUC was given with the role of lead designers for the Food not Crude team tasked with imagining local agriculture integrated into the urban, suburban, and regional fabric, increasing food security within cities, raising incomes of local farmers, and finally reducing the overall “costs” of distance associated with moving food.

The team, made up of both designers and various food experts quickly gravitated to the idea of looking at the whole system of food delivery and began to think about ways in which we could disrupt it. After insightful talks around the problems of food monopolies, where and how food was produced, and issues around equality regarding the access and consumption of food from both the users and producers perspective we moved towards the concept of a Diffused Network.

The Diffused Network

A food network that breaks down the hierarchies and bottle neck which plagues our current food system. The problem of food monopolies is that they not only have control of pricing and location but also on transportation methods. Our system attempts to open up both the possibilites of food delivery as well as the market place. Providing the opportunity for small operations to thrive and support one another.

Key Concepts

1. A large digital network acting as a marketplace where producers,storage, processors, distributors, waste, and consumers can meet buy and sell and choose the different options available to them regarding the kind of food they eat and how it gets delivered to them. The user is sometimes a producer, sometimes a consumer, and sometimes both.

2. The majority of food delivery trip will be done by existing regional and city level public transport systems. Creating a system where trips are piggy backing off existing trips that are already being made. The focus is create a system where the last mile of food is always car free.

3. A system of hierarchal nodes that allow for both storage, processing, and distribution at different scales allowing for the system to be flexible.

The project was presented to the public on October 20th at Evergreen. The project will be further developed as part of the Move Expo to be held at Evergreen at the Brickworks in May of 2012. DoUC would like to thank all the team members, stakeholders, Evergreen, and IwB for including us in this great event. You can see the presentation here.

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