Land, Air, and Sea – Movement of Queen Elizabeth II 1952 – 2012

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DoUC is proud to be part of the Jubilee show currently on at the Harbourfront Centre, celebrating Her Royal Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. DoUC are not Monarchists but are instead Monarchy opportunists, and what better way to celebrate this ideology then by mapping the historic travels of The Queen.

Land, Air, and Sea – Movement of Queen Elizabeth II 1952 – 2012, maps the instant historic event that is a visit or invitation from The Queen. The map tracks The Queen’s relationship with the world. Her commonwealth visits, state visits, and the lucky leaders who were invited for dinner. The map also acts as a timeline using line widths to denote the time of the trips – the thicker the the line the more recent the trip. The map begins to reveal the political history Her Majesty has witnessed, as well as Her preferences – Canada being the most visited country at 27 times, and visits with a number of different dictators.

The show runs until July 15th and we are hoping that Prince Charles and Camila pass by when they are in Toronto on the Victoria Day Weekend.

DoUC would like to thank Pat Macaulay and Carly Waito for their invitation and assistance with the exhibition.

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