Timeline of Currency

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Department of Unusual Certainties presented Timeline of Currency for Doors Open Toronto 2012 in the One King West building. One King West is a condominium built upon a historic building that had previously been operating as a bank for 100+ years.  Through the buildings transformation aspects of the banks infrastructure have been perserved – specifically its vault and a safety deposit box room –  Timeline of Currency was presented in its safety deposit box room.

Timeline of Currency navigates the global evolution of currency exploring its material manifestations and the associated and social practices. Mechanisms of trade, accumulation of debt and credit, outbreak of crises, and patterns and cycles in currency are explored in this installation. Built as an acrylic and steel structure, columns of cheque book size pads of paper line its three walls. Each of the 675+ booklets is unique, with items of information facing into the structure, and tiled images of G20 nations’ central bank buildings creating a changing facade. Visitors took facts from the pads creating an inflation and circulation of ‘knowledge’. As the pages were removed from the booklets the images of the central bank buildings are collaged together in kind of analogue animation.

Project Team: Christopher Pandolfi, Simon Rabyniuk, Natasha Basacchi, Amy Peebles and Aliya Tejani

Timeline of Currency was commissioned by Diaspora Dialogues. DoUC is grateful for the support of Natalie Kertes and Jordan Tannahill.

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