Be it resolved political discourse in Canada has lost any sense of quality or depth.

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Department of Unusual Certainties presents NEW DISCOURSES FOR A TIRED CENTURY: a debate series October 23rd, at the Gladstone Hotel. 

Is the future hopeless?…

Is the democratic process in Canada in crisis?…

Can we understand the city as whole?…

Are Canadians committed to building a just society?…

Over the next 5 months The Department of Unusual Certainties is hosting the debate series New Discourses for a Tired Century at the Gladstone Hotel. Over the course of this series 16 illuminated voices, coming from a range of disciplines and from across South Western Ontario, will explore the contemporary Canadian political landscape.

On Tuesday October 23rd, starting promptly at 7:30, Takin Aghdashloo, Andrew Lockhead (forming the ‘Pro’ bloc) meet Elise Hodson, and D.T. Cochrane (forming the ‘Con’ bloc) in bringing forth factual arguments in consideration of the statement: “Be it resolved the future is hopeless.”

Join Department of Unusual Certainties in interrogating the present moment…

Debaters’ Bios:

Takin Aghdashloo is a new media artist living and working in Toronto. Aghdashloo received his BA in New Media from Ryerson University and is currently working as the Head of Integrated Media at Harbourfront Centre. His work has been shown in different galleries in Toronto and has recently participated in CONTACT, Images festival and Nuit Blanche in Toronto. Born in Tehran, Iran, Aghdashloo’s practice is informed by questions of ideology, identity and relationship with power.

D.T. Cochrane is a father, partner and PhD student. He is currently working on his dissertation, which is on diamonds and De Beers during WWII.

As a PhD candidate in the Communication & Culture program at York University, Elise Hodson is pursuing her research interests in issues of globalization and consumer product design. She has masters degrees in museum studies and design history. Elise worked for eight years at the Design Exchange, where she was Director of Exhibitions and Associate Curator. More recently, Elise was the Program Coordinator at the Institute without Boundaries, George Brown College, and she continues to be involved in the Institute’s exhibition projects and program for interdisciplinary design strategy.Elise has not participated in a debate since grade 9 science class.

Andrew Lochhead is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, curator, and arts administrator interested in contemporary visual culture. As an arts administrator, Lochhead’s work has focused on museum and gallery based community outreach, developing programming for audiences not traditionally associated with arts institutions. His many projects have included music festival coordination, publication start-ups, development and facilitation of community arts initiatives.

Lochhead continues to explore the boundaries of arts administration practice and has attempted to reconcile these works within the realm of his studio ventures, a pursuit that has proved at times controversial.

His academic interests, largely focus on economic and social concerns in the application of art discourses and the potential of art to both act as an agent of change and knowledge making tool, while his work as an artist, has consistently dealt with the visual culture of our era addressing issues of socio-political and historical import active in that which at first glance appears innocuous or banal, often working in performance, video or large scale installation.

Andrew Lochhead received his BA in Art History from the University of Windsor in 2006, and his Masters Degree in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008. His thesis dealt with the socio-political economies of Chicago’s apartment gallery scene.

He currently works as the Labour Arts Coordinator at the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, where he facilitates collaborative projects between artists, trade unions and community groups and develops new outreach, internal and educational programming.

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