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Who Feeds the City?

November 19, 2011


The Fall Issue of Spacing Magazine is all about food and the city. Hunting down remnants of old farms in the city, enjoying culinary treats in strip malls, growing grain in hydro corridors – you can find it all here in this issue. DoUC also contributed something special –  a map which looks at the […]

SAUGA 2030

September 27, 2011


SAUGA 2030 is an iPhone app and installation that looks at a future Mississauga and its public spaces in the year 2030. It debuted at the Art Gallery of Mississauga in the summer of 2011 as a part of the Meet Us On the Commons show.  Through demographic and statistical projections, science fiction coppings, and […]

Spaces of Negotiation

September 22, 2011


Spaces of Negotiation is a sculptural installation that teases apart the complexity of a current labour dispute in Hamilton, ON. One year ago DoUC started a research project about Hamilton focused by a broad question about the use of ‘creative economy’ rhetoric to negate the city’s strong industrial economy. Two months into that project US Steel locked […]

Hamilton Field Work – A Tour With Tony Butler

August 30, 2011


DoUC is in the middle of preparations for a show at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre called Hammering Away opening September 9th 2011.  Our contribution, called Spaces of Negotiation, looks at the broader landscape in which issues of the lockout between Local 1005 and U.S. Steel take place in the city and abroad. While […]

Mississauga: A Retrospective Science Fiction

July 15, 2011


“Sauga 2030” – DoUC’s foray into science fiction city narratives mediated through smart phone based applications – premieres next week at the Art Gallery of Mississauga as a part of the Meet Us On The Commons show, curated by Elizabeth Underhill. The main product being exhibited is an audio driving tour smart phone application – […]

Toronto Parkettes and the New City Landscape

July 7, 2011


The summer 2011 edition of Harbourfront Centre’s Architecture Room is entitled New City Landscape and features the works of Department of Unusual Certainties, Khoury Levit Fong, David Lieberman, and Jason Van Horne. New City Landscape aims to explore the new role of landscape in urban design thinking – how landscape as a conceptual tool and […]

Visualizar ’11- Back from Madrid

July 6, 2011


On Thursday June 29, DoUC employee Christopher Pandolfi completed his time at Medialab Prado’s Visualizar ’11 with the presentation of From Extraction to Reaction (final presentation video to follow). You can read the project description below as well as see a demonstration of the final application developed by the project team here. DoUC would like to thank […]


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