Spaces of Negotiation in Monu 15- Post Idealogical Urbanism

Who Feeds the City in Spacing Magazine, Summer Issue

Interview with Azure Blog, August

Play Nations Playground on the Spacing Toronto blog, August 15th

Play Nations Playground, Play Nation Exhibition Catalogue

String Theory, featured on ArchDaily, March 25th

World and Home in Onsite 25- Identity

ReSite 2- Notes on Migration, edited and designed by DoUC

“W.A.R. featured” on ArchDaily, February 20th

“W.A.R. in Conditions Magazine #7

“Bee City Continued” in SOILED Magazine Issue 1
“DoUC Profile” in Landscapes | Paysages
StairSpace to Heaven” in Mark Magazine #30
The Continuous (Table) Manifesto” in FORMCities Symposium Publication


Secrets of the Beehive” in Canadian Architect November 2010
StairSpace to Heaven” on ArchDaily, November 26th
ReSite1- Notes on Small Things  edited and designed by DoUC
Vancouverism is Everywhere” in MONU Magazine #13
Civic Frontiers” in On Site 24
Mayor Time” in Spacing Fall 2010
Spectacular Toronto” in Spacing Summer 2010
Storefront Success Stories” on A-Channel in Windsor
Anatomy of a Parkette” in On Site 23
Heroes and Guidelines” in Conditions 3


Bee City” in Spacing Fall 2009
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